A Day to Life Post- 81!

Hello everyone! I am sure we all love traveling, and so do I. I love going to different places and explore the country/city, get into their roots, know their culture and interact with the locals wherever I go. Keeping this passion in mind, I had an idea of turning this passion into my career, in short I have been tossing with an idea of starting up my own online travel agency. So, today I wanted to know few things which will help me in knowing the market worldwide.

Umm, I know it sounds boring, but I would really appreciate all your opinions. At the moment in the stage 1, I am planing to cater to a couple, or a family or a small group of people traveling to Asia, Southeast Asia, Dubai, Turkey and so on. In stage 2, I plan onto catering to maybe group tours. This is the idea that I have been toying around in my head.

So, for that I wanted to know:
1) When you all are traveling, how do you book your travels? Do you prefer an online travel agency or do you go down personally to an agency?
2) Do you prefer a customised travel or the packages that are already available online?
3) Do you prefer making your own itinerary?
4) Why would you buy a travel package from a particular travel agency?
5) What features do you look for when you are on a X travel website?
6) Would you prefer a known travel agency or you would be comfortable by going with a start up?

I think I will just stick with these questions for now, if you all have anything else to share regarding the same topic, please do give your feedback.

Thanks all! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 81!”

  1. Hi Sonu

    For your questions:

    1) If it’s a simple trip, from point A to point B, I would look online. If there are multiple stops and/or hotels involved then I prefer to go through someone who would put the package together.

    2) I prefer customized packages rather than “canned” packages.

    3) Only in the general sense: “I’d like to go here, here and here, so book the related hotels and travel requirements.”

    4) So that I wouldn’t have to deal with all the details of a trip.

    5) I really don’t like travel websites because they can be so confusing and daunting. I deal with them, but they always seem to be overwhelming. If there was a simple one, then I would love to work with them.

    6) Either are fine for me, so long as they come across as professional and they don’t “feel” like a fly-by-night type company.

    Hope that’s helpful for you!


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