A Day to Life Post- 86!

“Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end, come to an,
Why do all good things come to an end?”.

These are the only lines running in my head. I dont want such a beautiful trip to come to an end. I dont wanna say goodbye to myself. Its been 5 weeks and it feels as if I have found myself, finally! I feel so energised, I feel like a whirlpool and a power house which is packed with way too much of energy. I still have few more days before all this gets over, before I come back to my life back at home, but trust me I would rather prefer this life than the one back at home. Few more days of this trip, or maybe I might just end up extending the trip again. 🙂

The person whom I met plans to extend the trip too, so you never know, I might just end up staying for more days. I like it away from home, away from all the confusion, away from all the stress, away from all the clutter, from the mess up, it’s like out of sight out of mind. Life is way too messed up, well who’s life isn’t. This person hasn’t asked me anything about my past, this person doesn’t wanna know how messed up my life is, this person just wants to see me happy, this person has also started chanting with me.. How amazing is that!

I want to share a picture that I wake up to seeing every morning and chant looking at.




This is what I wake up to every morning and chant, so who would want to go back. Not me! Life has never been so amazing, peaceful and I have never been so happy.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

A Day to Life Post- 85!

What’s the best thing when you travel apart from seeing the place off course? The people that you meet during your journey. In my ongoing trip for over 3 weeks now, I met so many people, locals and people those are tourists just like me. And in this entire journey, I met a person who saw right through me, it was as if this person could see through my soul, who surprisingly read the sadness in my eyes during the first meet.

I have this werid thing, I am not good at hiding emotions, if I’m sad it’s seen in my eyes and if I am happy again it’s seen in my eyes. This person sensed that there’s something going on, this person sensed how unhappy I was inspite of being at the best location and instead of being happy, since I was traveling the world, I wasn’t really happy at all. This person could sense that how lonely I am in my life. That’s the reality of my life, which I have come to terms with. I have no problem with being alone, you aren’t answerable to anyone. And now I love the freedom.

We started hanging out and have become good friends. We talk so much about life, I really don’t remember when was the last when I spoke to someone so much, I don’t even remember when was the last time when someone just wanted to listen me talk. Trust me I can really talk when I want to but unfortunately since couple of years I had stopped talking, kept everything to myself because no one was there to listen to me. And now finally this person let me talk, lol.  We managed to meditate together and do a bit of yoga as well. Since we figured that we both are yoga lovers.

This person is also a traveller like me, so yeah some day we have to go back to our respective destinations. Recently I was telling a friend of mine that I don’t wanna come back to Mumbai, there’s nothing there for me. I don’t like that city anymore. All she said was, someday you will have to. Someday this journey will end. It is so true, no matter where ever we go and where ever we are, one day we all have to return to a place which is our own, home.

This person will also return back soon and we plan to stay in touch. Isn’t it amazing how people from different places with different background and culture and religion meet at an altogether different city just because we love travelling. This is the best part of travelling, you get to meet so many people and get to know so many cultures.

Just want to end the post with couple of more pictures.

Amazing snow clad mountains. Loved every bit of walking, trekking, lying down and making snow angels on them.

A Day to Life Post- 84! 

When I was deciding this trip of mine, I wanted it to be adventurous. I planned for few adventure sports that I could do, which were paragliding, river rafting and bunjee jumping. But out of these three just one was possible, which is paragliding. And trust me I have never felt so alive ever in my life before. Seeing the world from a different view altogether. The paragliding point was around 12000 feet high above, yes! The best part was it was from a snow clad mountain. I won’t deny that I wasn’t scared, I was a little but when the flight took off I forgot all my nervousness, all my problems and all the stress in my life. I for once felt as if I could touch the sky. Till today I used to always wonder what it would be to see the world from that height, when you aren’t in a closed airplane. I used to wonder what do the birds feel.. Now I get the point. I felt freedom, I felt alive, the adrenaline rush which I had never felt before. 

Now I why people choose these adventure sport has their life.. Now I know why they love the adrenaline rush so much. 

I did have a professional paraglider along who was operating the flight. But it was worth everything. 

Sharing with you all few pictures of the whole experience. 




The amazing snow clad mountains.  


A Day to Life Post- 83!

Travelling is what I love and travelling is what makes me alive. I’m living a nomadic life over 2 weeks now and trust me I’m just getting closer to myself and to Mother Nature around. And I’m loving it. 

Sharing few pictures with you for now. All I can say that the place I’m right now has a lowest temperature of -1 to -4 degrees almost every evening and walking almost 7-8 kms everyday. I’m loving it. I will make a post in detail once I’m back. 

Happy Sunday everyone ! 



Climbed a mountain of around 3000 metres high.