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A Day to Life Post- 102!

India is in the mode of celebrating its biggest festival of the year, Diwali.. This year it will be celebrated on the 11th of November.. It’s the Festival of Lights and wherever you go you will see everything is lit up around here.. It’s amazing ! The market street near my house is already lit beautifully and so is my house.. We put lights on our windows.. I have always liked celebrating Diwali.. I don’t burst crackers but just the whole idea of wearing traditional clothes and getting dressed up is what I enjoy.. On 11th we will have a small puja at home.. We even light small diyas (oil lamps made of clay) for atleast 5 days during this festival.. Starting from two days before the main Diwali till two days after Diwali. We keep these oil lamps outside our house too, right at the entrance.. It is considered as auspicious.. 

I will be sharing a picture of the entire market that’s lit near my house.. People from all parts of the city come here only to see these lights. 

The entire market street lit for Diwali 

A mall near my house decorated too..

Have an amazing weekend all ! 

Happy Diwali in advance ! 

A Day to Life Post- 96!

This entire week has been crazy.. My niece and her parents (my brother and his wife) have moved to their own house 2 days back and so has Ganeshji. Yes, since most of us know we here in Mumbai are celebrating the most loved festival, Ganesh Chathurthi that started from September 17 and it’s still going on. It is a festival celebrated in the honour of elephant God, Ganesha. During this time, we bring idols of Ganesha at home and worship Him. My family has been celebrating this festival for around 15 years now, and this year was way too special to us due to Shaira. At my place we bring Him for 5 days, and then on the 5th day immerse Him in the sea. The festival goes on for 11 days. All over Mumbai people have Him for different days, some might keep for 1 and a half day or 3 days or 5 days or 7days and finally for 11days. This time we had more guests than the previous year, which was amazing.. They all came to seek His blessings.
Lord Ganesha is considered as the God of power and wisdom. There are various stories associated that show how cleverly and coolly he used to deal with complicated matters.
We brought Him home on the 16th night, and on 21st was the immersion. These 5 days were filled with awesome food, lots of guests, fun, laughter, sweets and not to forget feeling blessed.
Since couple of years in Mumbai, we have now started having these artificial ponds, which are eco friendly and do not harm any marine life. Such ponds are ideal for idols that are brought at home because these idols are small, maybe not more than 3-4 feet. Our idol was 2.5 feet this year. The big idols, like 10 feet have to immerse them in the sea. But still these ponds have been a blessing, we have been going there since 3 years now, it’s hassle free, best part is that we know we aren’t hearing the marine life. I remember one year when we used to go to the beach to immerse the idol, there were way too many idols that were on the shore of the sea, and in a devastated state. Some didnt have hands, or head or a leg. It was really sad to see them in this state. We worship Him for so many days and in the end to see them like this was way too upsetting. So now we prefer the artificial ponds.
This year our idol was of red in colour and lots of diamond, pearl and coloured stones work. We offer Him food, fruits and sweets. Even the guests coming to seek His blessing offer either fruits or sweets or money. I would get fresh flower garland everyday. I am just sharing few pictures of Ganesha.

. IMG_8956


These pictures were clicked on my phone, hope it’s clear enough. Thank you all!

A Day to Life Post-70!

So finally the Diwali is almost to an end. Can’t believe even Diwali is over. There’s a big market lane at about 2 minutes walking distance from my place and every year all the shop owners chip in money and one week before Diwali the entire market is lit with lights. It’s amazing to see and walk through the market, it feels as if all the stars are falling on you.
I clicked a picture yesterday and thought of sharing with you all along with a picture of me dressed up in Indian clothes during Diwali. I was wearing a pure silk saree which was bought from Kerala.










Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali !! 🙂

A Day to Life Post- 65!

I just finished an amazing activity of my buddhism, two of the members had visited my place for the upcoming zadankai (monthly meetings in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism). One of them was the speaker for this zadankai who along with a co-speaker will be conducting the meeting this Sunday. We three had a good long conversation about different issues and topics for almost an hour and a half, right from the practice to our families reaction towards our practice to where and how buddhism started to people in the society to astrology. Since I have had a horrible experience couple of months back due to these so called astrologers, I thought let’s write about it a bit.
In my country people even today believe in astrology, due to which it has become a money making racket. We all are always curious to know what our future holds for us monetarily, family wise, health wise and so on. Even today, when a child is born, families run to an astrologer to make that child’s horoscope chart, which will predict his/her future. There are two types of horoscope charts, one made when the child is born and the other type of horoscope keeps changing daily depending upon our planetary positions on that day.
Since the time I have joined this practice, my belief in astrology and astrologers has reduced to a great extent. Because astrology has become a money making scam and in the end astrologers are humans, they aren’t God to predict your death or future. They can’t predict their own death, then how can they predict ours? This is what I believe in.
That’s what happens nowadays, astrologers have one thing in mind, that is how can they mint money? They can mint money by scaring people those who go to them. A good astrologer will never start predicting a future by telling you the negative things if present in your horoscope chart. When an astrologer does, then it’s understood that he/she wants to make money. They will scare you to the core and in the end will tell you that the only way to overcome a negativity is by performing a puja (it is a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to host, honor and worship one or more deities) and doing the same they will demand thousands and thousands of rupees. That’s not how astrologers were in the past.

Today, it’s very difficult to find a good astrologers. It’s good to believe in it, but one shouldn’t make astrology their whole life, don’t let astrologers who are outsiders decide your life, don’t you have faith and confidence in your own self ? Instead of thinking about astrology all the time, make your self stronger, work on yourself. I have heard about people those who consult astrologers to the smallest of the decisions in life, for eg. if they plan to go for a holiday, where to go, when to go and when to return. Yes, it happens.
Even today marriages are decided only if the couple’s horoscope charts match. There’s no harm in matching the charts, it’s always good to know if everything is fine, but don’t make this the end of your world. What happened to a person’s character, nature? Don’t these qualities count anymore. If a person is a buddha like, won’t that matter? Sadly, it doesn’t matter.
My ex and me broke up thanks to one such astrologer. In the 5 years that we were together, we went to a lot of astrologers, all with different opinions and most of them with positive conclusions. But the last astrologer that he went to alone, decided our faith and all of a sudden, two months back one day my ex realized that after 5 years it’s best we part ways. It was clear that the 5 years we spent together didn’t mean anything to him and he went on to say that I should stay away from him. Well, I respected him saying “stay away from me” and that’s what I did. I realized I cant be with him because he allowed an outsider to decide our future and he alone took the decision of breaking the relation, without feeling the need of talking to me once.
There’s no problem in this world that doesn’t has a solution, if a person is willing to find one, he/she will get a solution for everything. And to be honest, in a love marriages, couples or families don’t match the horoscopes, we didn’t do it for my brother and his wife before the wedding. When there’s too much of love and respect for each other, then all these things don’t matter, all you need is to have faith in each other.
Astrology is a very vast and a deep subject, we don’t have the knowledge to understand it, and unfortunately it’s hard to find a genuine person with the complete knowledge. I believe in it to an extent I have to, one thing is for sure I won’t make it the end of my life and my entire life. I try to take the best out of everything, so whenever I met an astrologer in the past with my ex, I always took the positive things back, because life is too short to worry and stress on the negatives about the future instead of living in our present. No one can predict the future, one can only hope it works out to be the way one has imagined.
Astrologers should remember one thing, predictions are to prepare people about the future, and not to scare people !

Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated in honour of the God Ganesha, the elephant headed God. He is the God of removing obstacles and the God of new beginnings and wisdom. I had even written a post about this festival last year since we celebrate this festival every year by brining Ganesha idol at home.
During this festival, people bring home Ganesha idols either for 1 and a half day or 3 days or 5 days or for 10 days. At my place we bring Him home for 5 days and invited all our friends and families to seek his blessing. I find this festival full of fun and happiness. Today is the 2 nd day of the festival and on the fifth day we will immerse the idol in water.
During the five days, we perform rituals and have pujas (singing in the praise of The Lord). I always feel every year on the last day, because He becomes a part of our family.
I just wanted to share few pictures of the Ganpati idol at my place.



Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone !!
Ganpati Bappa Morya !!

A Day to Life Post- 58!

Today we celebrated our 68th Independence Day. That’s how many years it has been since we achieved freedom.
But what does freedom really mean especially for women in today’s world ? Do women have the freedom of doing whatever they feel like ? Do they have the freedom of doing what their hearts tell them ? No, they don’t. It’s bitter but true. Females do not even have the freedom to walk on the road after sunset without having the fear of being teased or passed comments at. It’s really sad when every single day you hear a girl, a woman being molested or raped. Yes, everyday. You put on the news and one will hear atleast one to two such incidences.
What does freedom mean to such men ? Is this the meaning of freedom for them ? How can a country progress when the women are treated so badly? I remember an incidence that happened with me some 20 months back. Two years back when me and my ex were together we would very often go to a near by book store. We went there very frequently since we both liked books and would like to sit there and just read. I happen to see this man there one day and he kept staring at me, I ignored. The second time we went he was somehow again there after few minutes like he emerged from somewhere and stood near me and would pretend to be reading the book and stare. I ignored the second time as well. The third time it happened again and then it struck me that something was fishy and then I went finding my then boy friend in the store and stood close to him letting that man know that I was not alone. It happened couple of more times and the scary part was the store was in a mall near my house. After few months me and my ex broke up the first time and there was a gap since I had last visited the book store and didn’t see him there when I went alone. After the break up I would go visit a nearby Gurdwara everyday and one day I decided to come home walking. It was not more than half and hour walk and while I was 5 minutes away from my house i saw that same man coming from front and he stopped. My heart started pumping really bad, I blanked out. He started talking to me saying I like you and all that shit. I didn’t know what to do whom to call but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t call my ex for help so I put my phone on my ear while walking and pretended that I was talking to somehow and didn’t hear him and just walked passed him. Then I called my BFF since her house was also close and told her what happened. Well this didn’t end here. After few days I saw him in the same Gurdwara that I would go to. This time I didn’t know how to go home. Then I decided that if he troubles me again I will make a scene and ask the priests there to call the cops. When I went down to go home he couldn’t do anything since there were lot of people and I somehow managed to escape catch an auto (public transport) and took a longer route back home. After that day I didn’t go to the Gurdwara for a really long time. This incidence was really scary, just the thought that something could happen to me and even I could have been a victim of such a crime scared me and will haunt me for life. Imagine the women who have gone through such incidences, being molested, being raped. Can’t even imagine what they must have through.

In 68 years we might have advanced in some areas but when it comes to respecting women we are lacking way behind. There are some sick men who don’t even leave a 3 year old child, seriously. I have even heard a 3 year old girl, a child being molested or raped. What has that child done to you ?
To be honest all the inequality against women starts from the fake and so called society that we have created for our own selves. Right from birth a male child is given more importance and treated in a different way than a female child. The inequality starts right from that time. When they grow up and if a man does something even if it’s wrong is always considered right and if the same thing is done by woman she is talked ill behind her back. Why ? It all starts from here.

Every year during Independence Day the PM hoists the flag and this time it was our newly elected Prime Minister’s first flag hoisting at the Red Fort in Delhi. After the hoisting the PM addresses the nation with a speech and this time even he spoke about Women’s Protection and Empowerment. In his speech he emphasized on the urgent need for a change in societal values with regard to women’s empowerment and protection. And he also mentioned that the growing numbers of rape cases is a matter of shame, and that the solution is to raise sons who can respect women and adhere to values.
I hope these criminals, these men were listening to his speech and hopefully gave a thought about it. Because a country’s freedom in true sense is based on the freedom of the women of the country. A country where the females feel safe, are respected and are treated equally as men instead of always being the victims of a horrible crime like molestation and rape. That time it will be a progressed country, that time freedom will be achieved.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Weekend Everyone !!

A Day to Life Post- 48!

Why is it that parents can’t accept the fact that their child has all grown up and give them their freedom? How hard is it for them to respect their child’s freedom and life? Especially for a child who is in her/his late 20’s. In less than 20 days I am going to turn 30 years and my parents still decide the freedom for me. Yes, I still live with my family, because here this is how it works. Why is that so? Don’t we have a life as well?
Where I live, society is given the main priority, it doesn’t matter if you are happy or sad, but trying to impress the society becomes a major part of our life. Which I don’t agree with at all. People don’t get to decide our fate or our life or our future, then why all the drama? We are in the modern age, then why let this thinking take us to the old times again. I like the concept where once you are an adult you start living on your own and start earning. That is giving the kids a chance to be independent, so they can make their own decisions in their life. It’s not the same here, but I this trend starts soon. There are kids who live alone in another city due to studies and work, like my own younger sister. She has been living alone in Delhi for almost 2 years now due to her transfer. I sometimes feel she’s better off like that. Away from all the family drama, living her life and working peacefully.
I feel parents should respect their child’s life, the way they expect their child to do the same. It’s a give and take kind of a thing and not a one way road. I just happen to encounter a situation with my parents sometime back so thought if write it down, it could be of some help. Because the age I am right now, I don’t like to be told what to do and what not to do. This is the age where parents need to give their child some space and should not try to draw unnecessary boundaries. This will only create friction and unpleasant atmosphere in the house. I guess that’s it for now.
Weekend is just a day away. So happy weekend to everyone !

A Day to Life Post- 42!

I am at my grand mom’s place and being pampered at Patiala, Punjab, north of India. To be honest I was skeptic about this trip till the last minute thinking about the summers here, but thankfully was welcomed to an awesome weather. It gets a bit cold in the evenings and mornings and afternoon its sunny but the climate is pleasant. I reached Chandigarh on Sunday morning, Patiala is an hour and a half drive from there, since the domestic airport is in Chandigarh. My aunt, uncle and my cousin sister came to receive me from the airport and my outing started after that. I wanted to see the famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh. It is the sculpture garden and is also known as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden after its founder Nek Chand. It is completely built of industrial & home waste and thrown-away items and consists of man-made interlinked waterfalls and many other sculptures that have been made of scrap & other kinds of wastes (bottles, glasses, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots,sinks, electrical waste, etc.) which are placed in walled paths. Clicked a few pictures there.



This is made from the pieces of broken bangles.


Man Made waterfall at the Rock Garden.


This garden is so huge and the landscaping is just out of the world. Once inside the garden, it will make you wonder that how did he think of such a thing. One really needs to visit this place to believe it, simply amazing. I was just stunned. Glad I visited this place. It should be on everyone’s must visit places once in Chandigarh.

Tomorrow I leave for Amritsar, to meet my dad’s mom and will be visiting the Golden Temple. Will be back with my next post soon. 🙂

A Day to Life Post- 40!

Yesterday, 17th March we celebrated the festival of colors and love called Holi. The celebrations starts with a Holika Bonfire on the night before Holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is a free-for-all carnival of colors, where everyone plays, chases and colors each other with dry powder and colored water, with some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons for their water fight. The frolic and fight with colors occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People move and visit family, friends and foes, first play with colors on each other, laugh and chit-chat, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. In the evening, after sobering up, people dress up, visit friends and family. 
It’s a fun festival and I was more excited because was playing after 4-5 years.ImageAnd this is how I looked by the end of it. I really had an awesome time after a long time. Woke up early and was out to play with friends. By the time I reached home it was late afternoon and was so tired. 
Wishing everyone Happy Holi! 🙂