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A Day to Life Post-69!

Vacations are the best days, aren’t they? It’s all about getting away from the everyday life and make new memories, that’s exactly what I did too. I haven’t written for a long time reason being I was on a vacation for 8 days, creating some amazing memories along with some amazing people. I visited Dubai again, last year in November I visited with my family and this time I went with some amazing people whom I know for a very long time, I am too close to them and I love them a lot.
It was a trip which helped me to get away from a city where my heart was broken once again and it was a trip to move on with my life.

We reached Dubai on the 14th of October and visited many places, even though there wasnt any place which I didn’t see the last time, leaving the Atlantis The Palm Hotel. I felt I was making some new memories because this time I went with different people. We visited the Dubai Mall, the Aquarium in the Dubai Mall, the Bhurj Khalifa, Mall of Emirates, took the Dhow Cruise and last but not the least the amazing Atlantis the Palm Hotel. In the entire 8 days tour we must have walked and walked so much that we never did in our entire life. This time I was able to see almost the entire of Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates because we visited these two malls at least 3 times during this trip.
Dubai Mall is huge, when I say huge means really huge, no one can see the entire mall in one day. It is spread over a total retail floor of 5,02,000 square meters and includes over 1200 shops. Wow, right! It has an aquarium inside and the mall is located near the Bhurj Khalifa which is a great tourist attraction. Every evening they have the Fountain show outside the mall and right in front of the Bhurj Khalifa, which marks another tourist attraction.
Apart from that, galavanting on the streets of Meena Bazaar was on our everyday to do list for the first 6 days because our hotel called The Royal Ascot Apartment was located near by before we moved to the Atlantis Hotel for the last 2 days. We had the suite apartment and room was big and comfortable.
The weather was unkind to us when we were there. It was hot, not humid but horribly hot, the heat has left me tanned and sun burnt. The sun there hits you like crazy, I tried avoiding getting out in the day especially during the noon time, but I guess once you are on a vacation hiding in your hotel rooms doesnt help especially if you are the explorer one.

On 20th October we moved in for our 2 nights stay in the Atlantis the Palm Hotel, and I was awed by the size of the hotel. This was something which I didn’t do on my last trip to Dubai. It is located on the apex of the Palm Jumeirah and is themed on the myth of Atlantis including distant Arabian elements. There are over 1500 rooms and the hotel is divided into two wings, the East Wing and the West Wing. The view from my room was mesmerizing, all I could see was the vast sea till wherever my eyes could take me. The best view was the sunset, and I managed to capture an amazing picture.
The hotel also includes Aquaventure Water Park along with a man-made beach. The resort has a stretch of beach facing the Dubai skyline. The beach has over 700 sun beds.
Across the Aquaventure water park is the Dolphin Bay, a 4.5 ha (11 acres) dolphinarium. A place where after booking a slot you can be with the dolphins in the water, touch them, dance with them, hug them and play with them. It’s amazing how well they have been taken care by the experts over there. Well, the charges for per person is little bit on a higher side, but I think the experience of being with them is worth it. I loved it.  Here you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, choose from a range of dolphin experiences suitable for all ages and swimming abilities. We had to go in for an orientation in the start where we were given bit of knowledge about the dolphins, their behavior and how we are suppose to stand when in water with them. Dolphin Bay house the bottle nose dolphins, and they are so cute.

Our trip came to an end on the 22nd and I reached back home just in time to celebrate the Festive of Diwali which goes on for 5 days, the main day of Diwali where we have a pooja at home and pray to Goddess Laxmi Maa was yesterday. I don’t burst crackers but love lightening the diyas (small clay lamps) because Diwali is the festival of lights. It spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. This is one festive where I love to dress up in Indian clothes and this time I decided to wear a saree.

Well, I am posting few pictures from my Dubai trip which I clicked from my iPhone. I hope you all enjoy seeing them. 🙂

The amazing Aquarium in Dubai Mall



The Bhurj Khalifa



The Fountain Show



The Atlantis, Palm Hotel at night time



The view from the beach at the Atlantis Hotel



The amazing morning and evening view from my room at the Atlantis Hotel




A kiss from the dolphin to me at the Dolphin Bay in Atlantis Hotel



A good bye picture




Wishing everyone a Very Happy Diwali and an amazing Weekend! 🙂


A Day to Life Post- 32!

My apologies for staying away from all you for so long. In my last post I had mentioned I will be going to Dubai for a vacation, well my trip was far way better than expected. Right from the perfect weather to all the places we visited, everything was just too good to an extent that I ended up extending my trip from one week to two weeks and it was worth it. I just loved Dubai. So many different cultures in one place, so many people from all around the world. Since it was the peak season for Dubai it felt the entire world is there, which was a fun thing.
On our first day there, we went to see the Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Mall, and God we were tired by the end. The malls are like never ending and obviously you can’t see the entire mall in one day and we planned to visit both. Never do that. LOL. Then we went for the Desert Safari and the weather was awesome. It rained that day with sand storm but still we were lucky that our safari didn’t get spoilt. Me and my sis in law rode the dune bike, recommended for everyone. It’s just way too good. Another recommendation would be the Dhow Cruise from the Marina Bay, the view, everything was just too beautiful and perfect.

We even managed to go for a day trip to Abu Dhabi and visit the Grand Mosque and I just don’t have words to describe it. Abu Dhabi is a quite place, if you are in Dubai and want to go away from the hustle bustle of the city then spend a night in Abu Dhabi. It’s a beautiful place. Apart from seeing the usual sightseeing places, we even explored the streets and the local food out there. Best of them being the falafel’s. One won’t get the exact taste anywhere else but in Dubai. Went to the clubs out there, total different experience. Saw the Al Burj Arab, walked on the Jumeirah Beach Walk, had the best Lebanese food at Marina Bay by bringing in my dad’s birthday.
I didn’t feel like an outsider in that city, felt the city adapted me, which was a really cool thing. The days when we weren’t out sightseeing, we would be roaming alone like we knew and were staying there since a long time. There’s a mall called City Centre in Deira, I visited this mall so many times that it started to feel like one of the mall back home.

The only regret I have is, I didn’t get to do the sky diving. By the time I tried to book a slot for myself all the slots were already full for the dates I was in Dubai. 😦 I was so sad when I found out to an extent that I planned to cancel my whole Dubai trip. I even called them from India before going to Dubai, asking them whether they could accommodate just one more person and they refused saying it’s all booked. But apart from that, the trip was too good. I am happy didn’t cancel it. I guess sky diving will be the reason for my next visit to Dubai. I have so many friends out there and made some few more.
I came back so fresh. I quit my job just last Friday and now I am working on my new independent project which very soon you all are going to hear about it.

Yesterday I started writing my Bucket List for 2014 and managed to write a lot. 2013 overall wasn’t a very good year for me. Coping up with pain, then loosing my granddad, 2013 has been a bad year emotionally. Hoping 2014 brings the best and happy times back again in my life, and I get a lot go work in 2014.
Christmas is just 8 and a half hours away, so wishing all my friends Merry Christmas !! I got my Christmas present last week by my loving Santa Claus, an iPhone 5S 🙂 in Champagne gold . I would love to thank my Santa Claus for the beautiful present. Thank you so much my Santa! I don’t know what are my plans for this New Years, thought was going to Goa, but guess it’s cancelled.
I would love to hear what are your New Years plans and the gifts that you get on this Christmas.
Once again Wishing You All Merry Christmas! And Happy New Years in advance!

Happy Holidays!


A Day to Life Post- 30!

Excuses, excuses, excuses that’s all I have been giving since months now for not posting often. But this time I have an excuse to be excited, I am traveling to Dubai in the month of November. Finally a much needed and a pending holiday. It’s been long since I last left the country. So long that now even the memories of my last trip to Australia have faded away. It’s time for some new memories and new destination. I love traveling and yet for 4 years didn’t go anywhere. Even though not too far, yet I will be visiting a new country.
I have my brother’s wife living there, the same brother who got married 4 months back. Will be staying with her. My parents are going to accompany me. I am so excited to visit all the places there. We already started making a to-do list, first being the Desert Safari. There’s one more reason of my excitement, Sky Diving, that is something I have been dying to do since many years. I will be posting alot once there I guess. Sharing my Dubai experience with you all. Can’t wait to go.