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A Day to Life Post- 94!

Hello everyone, I just realised that it’s been a month since I posted my last blog. I must say that I didn’t realise that it’s been so long, days are flying super fast. I was worked up with many things, but the one thing that has affected me the most is someone’s behaviour towards me. Once again I gave my ex the opportunity to take me for granted and play with my emotions, I dont understand why I keep doing that to myself. I also dont understand how can someone behave so bad especially with a person who was once very close to you. If he really loved me like he used to say 3 years back, then he wouldn’t have hurt me so many times. What he doesn’t understand is that in this whole situation, he is only gaining bad karma, because honey, what goes around, comes around. You need to understand that. It’s sad that he doesnt.
I believe in one thing, karma is the sweetest revenge!

Recently I realised a big human revolution in me, a big change in myself. In Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, every person has 10 worlds in them, right from anger, hell, animality, hunger, humanity, rapture, learning, realisation, boddhisatva and buddhahood.. And when we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, we can tap on our buddhahood. So, recently I realised that the life state of anger and hunger has vanished from my life. I dont feel angry at all no matter what the opposite person does, no matter how bad the other person is towards me. For e.g my ex, inspite of his behaviour towards me I dont feel angry. I have now started sympathising on the opposite person’s life state. I feel that there’s no point on getting angry because they are in one of the lower state of life. All I feel is sympathy on their life. Also, I am not hungry for many things in life, I am content with what I have. Yes, I want to achieve many things in life, but nothing excites me anymore. I am not hungry, yes I want few things in life but I am not greedy. There’s a thin line between hunger and greed, the day you realise that, I think one will start seeing the world in a different way.

I have become centred in life too. Since you all know that I go for yoga classes, not to become a teacher but just for workouts. In April my present instructor was on a 3 week leave and in place of her there was another lady instructor who has been practising yoga for over 25 years. I know, that’s a really long time. Before every yoga class, she and myself would end up talking alot and she shared alot of meditation techniques. She used to tell us to pay attention to our body in each and every asana. And I started doing that, also I started practising at home on the days when I didn’t have my class. It helped me to get closer to myself, get closer to the inner me. And also centre myself, which is a very good thing. Now, yoga has become a part of my life like chanting.

Last week, it hit me that I dont like the city life anymore. I like my space, the quietness, calmness and peace around me. I have also been missing my trip to Goa which I went with my ex last year. I had a wonderful time. If he would have respected me what I deserved this time, I was thinking of going there once with him. But I dont think it’s meant to be.

Have an amazing week everyone and a wonderful weekend!

A Day to Life Post- 63!

I have been missing Goa, the beach, the sand, sun, food, and a company of someone. It was an amazing time, so just thought of sharing few pics from Goa, little of a flashback…


At this moment all I can think of one paragraph from a hindi song:

Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Dhoondhe kise de vich oh koi
Dhoondhe kise de vich oh koi
Oh ishq de ‘ich kamli hoyi
Oh ishq de ‘ich kamli hoyi
Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Dhoondhe kise de vich oh koi
Oh ishq de vich kamli hoyi
Bhaaron hassi andron royi
Naale pak mohabbat kare saayi phir merya jugni ji

English translation of the above paragraph:

Spirit (a person in love, a female) being is lost in thinking,
she looks for someone in someone else,
She got mad in love,
Spirit being is lost in thinking,
she looks for someone in someone else,
She got mad in love,
She laughed outside n cried within,
She loves with the heart, O pir of mine – Spirit being..

A Day to Life Post- 47!

After a really long day five, day six was a relaxing day for us. Every Wednesday’s Anjuna has a flea market, where you can see people from different places getting together and putting up a market. Here you will find all sorts of things, clothing to shoes to accessories to artifacts to silver jewelry and so on, you name a thing it will be there. If you are a good bargainer, then it’s the perfect place for you to shop. The market is put up in the morning and continues the entire day till evening. We didn’t know the timings, so we reached there in the evening by then most of the people had already packed their stuff. We went around for sometime, seeing things, walked on anjuna beach and then decided to head to Baga.
Baga and Calangute beaches are on one big stretch, and these two places are commercial places. Here even at 10pm you will see the shops are open, unlike anjuna. Anjuna has a pretty laid back attitude. These two beaches are some 20 to 30 minutes ride from anjuna. My first reaction towards Baga was it is any day a polished place than anjuna, yet I loved Anjuna. We went riding for a bit, saw a river meeting the sea near Baga beach, then decided to eat something. My youngest brother had bragged a lot about Britto’s in Baga, even before I was leaving for Goa, he reminded me again to go and eat at Britto’s, so that’s what we did. Britto’s not only has the best ambience on Baga beach but the food have to say was amazing as well. We just tried the starters since we were still tired from our previous day and just wanted to go back and sleep. All we ordered was the sea food platter and it won’t be wrong to say that it was the best sea food platter I must have ever had. It had cocktail prawns, a grilled fish, calamari, a crab, mussels, some french fries and salad. I love sea food but I am not a calamari fan, this was cooked in burnt garlic sauce and to my surprise I loved it. It was cooked perfectly. I even loved the cocktail prawns and the grilled fish, the crab and mussels were nice too.
We winded up early and went back to our hotel. After drinking couple of more beers, lot of thoughts started running in my head, I made some decision which was very difficult for me to make, but I had to. I know that decision is going to hurt me a lot but guess didn’t have another choice. With that thought I called it a night along with a feeling that only tomorrow is what I have in Goa, day after I will be at home by this time.

Hope you like this small post about Goa. 🙂
Here’s a picture of the sea food platter I had in Britto’s


A Day to Life Post- 45!

In my previous post, I covered the first two days at Goa. Day three began a bit on a relaxed note because the previous night we had too much to drink. It was Sunday and the next day was his birthday, so how to bring in his birthday became a question for me. We woke up in the afternoon went for lunch. Well, there’s one more thing everyone needs to try here is the Goan Fish/Prawns Curry with rice. I love seafood and Goa was like heaven for me in terms of seafood. Everyday for lunch and dinner I only ended up eating fish curry or prawns curry and rice and trust me it’s out of the world. Fresh fish and beautifully cooked gravy with all the fresh Goan spices, nothing beats all this.
After lunch we decided to laze around for some more time in the room, have couple of beers and then head to Anjuna Beach. Finally in the evening we were walking on the beach, my hair flying because of the wind and hearing the sea, we walked quietly and realized we had come too far. Inspite of people around I still felt as if I was walking alone and was just enjoying and taking in the entire experience. That day turned out to be the high tide day. After taking some pictures of the beach, we decided to sit at Cafe Lilliput for a drink. It was after a long time I felt so close to the nature. Sitting there, looking at the sea made me wonder how vast it might be and how many secrets did she know. Was there more space for my secret? I did share lot of thoughts with the sea. I know it’s weird but true. There have been times when I have been wanting to talk to someone desperately and that’s the time when there’s no one around to listen to me. That day, sitting there, I just poured my heart out by sharing lot of things, because I knew that she won’t tell anyone and I knew she was the only one listening to me. Not many know but over a year and a half I have changed a lot as a person. Learnt to be more calm, poised and patient with the people around me and with my life. I prefer to stay quite and not talk much, but there are days when I won’t stop talking.
Well, we started looking a place that would serve us prawns curry and rice again on the beach and found one. Just few hours were left for his birthday. We sat, relaxed, ate, soaked in the experience and talked. We decided to finally go back around 9pm. By now the sun was set and due to the high tide the sea had travelled a lot taking over almost the entire beach and most of our way back we were walking in the water. While we were going towards the hotel, we saw this live band playing in one of the cafe known as Guru Cafe. We decided to return to this cafe. It was fun. The music, the guitar made our feet tap. Spending sometime there we decided to go for dinner.
During dinner, we saw a couple come and looked like they were traveling around and after talking to them made our guess even more right. The guy was traveling since 3 years and the girl was traveling since a year and a half with him. They were in India since 5 months and were riding the Bullet from Bangalore that they had bought there and now wanted to sell it because they were leaving India for their onward journey to Dubai. Since I had recently been to Dubai, I gave them few places to visit and the must do things in Dubai. They had been to lot of places which is what even I want to do. It was mid-night, finally wished him and my mother as well. Ya my mother and him share the same birthday and my parents are even traveling. They are on their South India trip. The entire night went in talking and listening to their experience and sharing ours as well. It’s always good to meet like minded people. But at the same time it also made me wonder why do we have so many hangups where we are living? Why cant people around us be easy and have an open mind about everything in life? I had this question the entire night in my mind and with that thought we finally decided to call it a night around 4am. It was almost morning and we realized it was too late.
Finally, the third day had come to an end. It was nice and fun. Now Goa was growing on me and now I had started to feel that I was in Goa. There’s more for my Goa experience which I will share in my upcoming posts. Sharing some clicks I took at Anjuna Beach



A Day to Life Post- 44!

It’s been a month since I have been away from blogging. And it has been an amazing one month. Coming back from one trip, refreshed and then going for another holiday, why wouldn’t it be amazing. Yes, two holidays in one month’s span and this time it was Goa. A week of Goa felt like heaven and especially when I had such an amazing company. I returned from my North India trip on the 8 April and on 24 April my bags were packed again for one week of awesomeness. It was hard to believe that this was my first trip to Goa, well I did go there once when I was a child with family. It was my someone special s birthday and I had to make it special in every way, so decided to escape. We reached the land of beaches on 25 April with everyday being a different and a new experience for me. I realized that Goa has more to offer than the beaches, like Churches, Bird Sanctuaries, Wildlife Sanctuaries. 
We were staying near Anjuna beach, a backpacker’s paradise and a perfect place to be away from the hustle bustle. This place has a laid back attitude which seemed as a blessing for us, since we were tired with all the noise and hectic daily life. Our first night ended with an awesome sea food at an awesome restaurant at Vagator called Thalassa. Candle light dinner, amazingly cooked fish with a beautiful view facing the sea was a perfect start to my Goa trip. I think this restaurant should be in everyones to do list while planning a trip to Goa. 
Day two began with us waking up hungry and we were on the road finding breakfast around 9am. When we stepped outside the hotel, we saw that it had just stopped raining making the weather pleasant. I was so relieved that we were saved from the heat at least on the first day. We began our ride on Bullet, the bike which we hired for the week in search of food and reached Calangute beach. We were just enjoying the pleasant weather. We were shocked to see that all the places there open at 10am. Finally we saw the famous Infantaria Cafe at Calangute open and had breakfast. Came back to the hotel, brought some beer and this is when it actually started to feel like Goa.
Goa is also famous for the flea markets, especially the Saturday night market which lasts for 5-6 months. We were lucky that we got to see the last Saturday night market for the season. After this it would be open again in November. So for our day two evening, we decided to get dressed up, go to the last Saturday night market and then head to a club since it was a Saturday night. The Saturday night market was so colorful, that’s the first thought I had in my mind, with live music playing, with different type of food and alcohol. I saw so many different things that people were selling there and what attracted me the most was an amazing collect of the artifacts. It made me wonder that from where do they get such antique collection. There were many things which we liked and decided to buy in future. One has to visit this market if you like collecting antique things. After the market we head to a club called Club Cubana, it’s a night club in the sky. It is suppose to be the the only elite night club in Goa. If you are lucky you will get a place to sit, since it’s full most of the time. The place is open till 4am, so you can sit, relax, drink, eat, dance and if you want go jump in the swimming pool. Yeah, they have a pool inside and after midnight I saw many people jumping inside the pool. And thus ended our second night in Goa. The ambiance was nice. One must go there and experience it for themselves.
I still have more days to talk about, which I will continue in my other posts. Hope you all had fun reading it ! 🙂