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A Day to Life Post- 33!




My day did not start on a good note today. I have been working from home on my new project, and since the time I quit my job, today was the first day of my mood swings, but gradually as the day passed my mood seemed to have become better which is thanks to the travel world. I have been doing a lot of research on travel, going through different travel websites, travel news releasing that it’s a vast industry. Knowing about new destinations every time, researching about them, their culture, their history is what makes me and keeps happy since I love traveling. So I thought of sharing this picture about travel, it is one of my personal favorite.

What is that one thing you love about traveling? I would love to know.
To begin with, that one thing I love about traveling would be losing myself only to find myself in the end. 
Let me know about your views and thoughts on this along with your next destination you plan to visit. I have 3 destinations in mind: Spain/Bali/Thailand. 

Have a great Weekend! 


Image Credit: http://www.thefriendlygiraffe.com