Most of the times we people tend to believe that eating healthy is all it takes to live a healthy and a long life. Is that true? Does it really works like that?

What many of us forget that in todays time, in todays world, just by eating healthy is not going to help us at all. We tend to forget that exercise is as important as eating the right kind of food. We read articles in the newspapers, magazines & internet, but how many of us religiously follow it to the “T”. We just read and forget about it.

World is becoming a faster and competitive place, bringing lot of negative aspect for us. Stress, pollution, heart diseases have become very common in this so called faster and competitive world. In the hunger of wanting everything in this world, we are forgetting the world that lives inside us.

We are not giving our bodies enough exercise to do, due to which obesity & arthritis and other back and joint pain problems are a common complaints seen in the younger generation. The long hours of sitting on our office chairs in front of the computers placed on our office desks, the couch in front of the tv are the causes why we suffer all the painful problems.

A little bit of exercise is not going to harm us infact it will only make us feel fresh, energetic and generate new ideas. By exercising for 30 minutes minimum will give & help us consume all the nutrients from the food that we eat. It will only help us live longer without any pains, without the fear of being obese. Whether its early morning or in the night, one must give time to the world which lives inside them, so in return you will have the capacity to work even harder & for a long time .  Take care of the world that resides in you, in return it will help you to get the outer world.