A Day to Life Post -1

Yesterday at night, a day after Christmas I sat down to write my New Years Resolution for the first time in my life. A little unbelievable but yes it was my first time to actually make the effort and write them down. It’s not that I never made resolutions earlier, they would just be in my mind and would never write them down the end result being I would end up completing nothing at all. By the time I finished writing 45 of them, actually 45 points, which seemed to be my life time’s pending work, I thought to myself why I never did this before, it felt so nice to know exactly what has to be done, pre planned for the next year.

I have always been a well organized person in life, but this was something that never interested me before and now I know what I was missing. I don’t have to worry about what has to be done in the New Year, 2013. It actually feels like a new me and a new beginning. I liked this change in me, with everything changed this has been the best change.

On Christmas day I was too dull and low since it was my first Christmas as single after 4 years once again. All the memories of last 3 Christmas kept coming back and felt as if it was haunting me. I am so blessed to have a beautiful and supportive family and friends, they never let me fall down especially my kiddo sister and my bff who is not less than a sister to me. They are the best people I know and always pull me up whenever I fall .

The day after Christmas I thought to myself what is that something I can do to make myself feel better, with so many things changing let’s try writing my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and by the time the list was complete I could feel a new me. A new me who just couldn’t wait  2013 to start even though with just few days left. Well yes I have already started working on the list, just the little things like meditating more and writing more. I plan to finish the entire list within couple of months in 2013 and hope I stick to it and I will.

It just takes a little determination and willpower to do something, which is engraved in me thanks to my father. He was and is the best person from whom one could learn how to fight any difficult situations in life and emerge as the winner in the end. This spirit in me is all thanks to him. So with full determination and willpower I plan to work towards completing my resolution.

It’s going to require some serious willpower.


This is something that I had written like 4 months back and today finally posting it. It’s about what gives me inspiration in life.

The biggest inspiration has been my DAD, his handwork, his courage, willpower, his intelligence, smartness, everything has inspired me a lot. While growing up and seeing him made a positive impact on me and my life. Till date I find it very difficult to be at least 1percent of what he was. He was and has been my mentor and my hero. He is my guarding angel and in today’s world it’s very tough to find people with courage of his manner. He’s there with me and protecting me.

One can derive inspiration from anything, irrespective of the source being a living being or a non-living being. Everyone has their different sources. One day I was standing at my window and below I could see ants, they were carrying food but for me they were working in a group and nothing seemed to be stopping them. It’s not that I had never seen it before but never thought about it. Though being so small they became my source of inspiration. It made me think they know their duty and keep on working on their task which no one seems to understand. They are never considered about the weather, time, place or other surroundings and keep on with their task. I like their sense of responsibility even though that’s how nature has made them to do. What made me wondering was if small living beings know their duties then why do people forget theirs ?

Why do we forget our duties towards our loved ones ? If you truly care for someone then why do we tend to hurt that person the most ? Your loved ones don’t ask for a lot but all they ask is for you to acknowledge them and their presence, which some of us tend to forget. I have always had this one rule, just do your duty without expecting anything from anyone and many a times have made the mistake of going against my own rule to find disappointment in return. It’s but natural you start expecting little.

Life will be better when we understand one another and our responsibilities towards everyone we love and care for and not run away from them, the day we do happiness will find it’s way in.

Small post.

It’s been two weeks I haven’t posted anything and it feels like just yesterday I wrote my last post, lost the track of time. This whole time while I was away, have been battling a war in my head with many things and still managing to get my head clear and the time away has not gone wasted professional wise and spiritually as well. I am in the process to calm my head, which seemed very difficult couple of weeks ago but thanks to my bff now it feels like an achievable task.

She introduced me to a practice and a law, simply meaning that everything has a cause and effect which is so true. We all believe that whatever happens there’s always a reason behind it and even that the situation in which we are today is because of us only. We hear these things at some point in life and some may not want to believe it until we are faced with a tough situation. I know one thing for sure that my belief in it has just become stronger and with every passing day it will only keep on getting stronger.

For today it’s just going to be a small post.

Trust, takes a lifetime to build.

How important is trust in a relationship ? Very important. And what does one do when someone breaks your trust again and again and again and start taking you for granted ? Will leaving that person make your life better and at peace ? Too many questions keep running in mind. But in the end you know it’s time to end something which was long broken.

What does trust means to a person ? When someone keeps saying that I trust you for something it means that person is giving her/his life to you. It means that a person’s destiny in someway in your hands. It means that you mean a lot to that person. It means that you take care not only of yourself but even the person who trust you a lot. It means its your duty not to hurt that person in anyway. But sometimes thing’s don’t happen the way you had planned. Sometimes someone all of a sudden decides to break all the barriers and break all of your trust. Sometimes you are left thinking and wondering what just happened. Sometimes you are just left to think, did you actually make such a big mistake to get this in return. Sometimes someone portrays like it was all your fault, which seems easy to do so for that person. Sometimes everything starts to fall apart. By the time you realize it, everything is shattered and scattered everywhere, you don’t know how to collect yourself.

Anger and agony starts to creep in. After a certain point of time you realize it’s enough, it’s time for you to start collecting your self. You know that you will never be able to forgive but at least you can start to keep yourself happy. You start the healing process and pray that time can heal the pain, which you doubt initially but you know your strength and that you are capable enough to get over anything, so relationship is a miniscule thing when you have previously over come high mountains. You come out of it as a winner and more stronger than ever.That’s the time you find peace within yourself and you find a new you which you didn’t even know existed. So easy for someone to break you as a person, but you know you will get through it.

It takes a lifetime to build trust and a second to destroy it..