A Day to Life Post- 34!

They say angels are disguised as daughters, which is so true. We all daughters are. Yesterday I went to an angels birthday who turned 6 years old. I remember her as a new born and carrying her in my arms. Time flies so quick, can’t believe that 6 years had passed. After a really long time I was attending a kid’s birthday with a theme which was a jungle theme. The little princess was dressed cutely, there were so many little kids, they had a magic show which was alright. Then few games for the kids and dancing. Well we all danced.
It was nice to attend a kid’s birthday after so long, made me feel like a kid again and reminded me of how I spent my 6th birthday. The memory still feels so fresh. I still remember my birthday being held in one of the city’s best 5 star hotel’s banquet of that time, I am talking about 23years back. It was the finishing of my late father’s first movie, he was a bollywood movie producer and almost all the famous and big movie stars of that time had attended my birthday. It was a huge event, lol. Lot’s of people, food, dancing till late, lots of gifts as well, it was all just amazing. I was the apple of my dad’s eye and will always be. 
Now when I am going back to that time, that age was so much fun to be in. No stress about life, about the world, about work, about people. All we cared was playing, at least I did. Would wait when I will go home from school and change and then go out to play.When I was 6years, my youngest brother was a new born and I always treated him like he’s my own baby. Was very protective about him. Even now I am but the difference is he’s grown and by that I mean in age and height as well, his height is 6 feet. Lol. Me and my other brother who’s a year younger to me would constantly keep fighting and arguing. For every thing there had to be an argument or a fight, which has changed now. Now we don’t fight or argue at all. I guess while growing up it’s a case with every sibling. It’s like a package of growing up. 
Life was so much better and simpler during those days. No mobile phones or internet or computers. I see today’s children they like to play their play stations/xbox or surf the internet and not go out and play. When we were kids, we had a huge group who would go down in the building and play, it could be anything, but that 2 hours of time no one could take it away from us. And today when I see kids in my building, they are either just sitting and talking or chatting on their respective mobiles or some don’t even take the effort of getting out of the house. I think this needs to be changed. 
I wish I could be 6years again, miss those days. But I guess this is life. It goes on, we all grow up, that’s the way all we are made. Don’t have any complaints nor regrets. 🙂

A Day to Life Post- 33!




My day did not start on a good note today. I have been working from home on my new project, and since the time I quit my job, today was the first day of my mood swings, but gradually as the day passed my mood seemed to have become better which is thanks to the travel world. I have been doing a lot of research on travel, going through different travel websites, travel news releasing that it’s a vast industry. Knowing about new destinations every time, researching about them, their culture, their history is what makes me and keeps happy since I love traveling. So I thought of sharing this picture about travel, it is one of my personal favorite.

What is that one thing you love about traveling? I would love to know.
To begin with, that one thing I love about traveling would be losing myself only to find myself in the end. 
Let me know about your views and thoughts on this along with your next destination you plan to visit. I have 3 destinations in mind: Spain/Bali/Thailand. 

Have a great Weekend! 


Image Credit: http://www.thefriendlygiraffe.com