A Day to Life Post – 23

Yesterday after like a month and a half I had my Gosho study meeting since I am a practicing member of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Gosho’s are letters written by Nichiren Daishonin and during our meeting we read one letter or a passage and what exactly it means and how we can imply it in our daily life. So during this time one of my senior leader shared something simple yet beautiful that’s stuck in my mind. She said “Our actions outside states what we carry inside”. I kept thinking about this the entire day and it is so simple yet so true and thought to share it with you all even.
A person with a pure heart and intentions will always end up doing nice things for others irrespective of anything. Her/his actions will speak of his good character. But if you have any kind of negative feeling for someone else, or jealousy or evil or any such sort of thing inside you, your actions are automatically going to be negative. Knowingly or unknowingly you will keep on hurting the other person, or may even be rude with that person all the time. You will never pray or think of that persons happiness reason being the negative emotions you have for that person.
In our practice we believe in changing ourself, bringing a human revolution by turning such negative emotions to positive ones. I believe in not keeping anything inside me, if I liked something I say it out and especially if I didn’t like something a person said or did, I prefer telling that person and letting them know what I feel. I guess it’s better that way rather than hiding things inside. I am at the moment trying to change myself. There are times when I do lose my temper or say something mean, but I’m trying to bring a human revolution in me. I am confident enough the change will happen and soon.


So yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a good day in the end. I wouldn’t say very good but yes I did manage to enjoy my day. I didn’t let my past spoil my day, because in the end even I deserve happiness. I worked, went out for lunch and then went out with old friends for dinner. Evening I met someone who was once very close and special to me and it made me think and realize that how different our worlds have become. It even made me think about happiness. What does happiness mean? Is it always about our own happiness? Are we that selfish? Or true happiness is seeing the people you love being happy? Is it being selfless?

I feel if we really love the people who are close to us, respect them, adore them, cant live without them, they are special to us and are apart of our life, then we should always keep their happiness ahead of our own happiness. Ups and downs are apart of life, no matter whatever happens these are the people who are always going to be with you. When we truly love someone, we cannot be selfish. The day we start being selfish then our love was never true because true love never lays any conditions and is never selfish. Thats not love at all. 

I feel not to let your love turn selfish, the day it does it will take you away from the people whom you once loved. So far away that it will be impossible to get them back in your life no matter how hard you try. 

A Day to Life Post – 20

And I am back ! Finally my brother’s wedding is over. Everyone had a wonderful time. Four days long wedding function drained all of us. Most of the relatives have gone back leaving my grandmom and aunt. We all had a gala time which will be remembered for years to come. The best part of this being all the friends getting together. Wedding functions are the only time when all your friends gather together. Otherwise who has the time in today’s world.
Our functions started off with a cocktail where all the close and important people to the couple performed a medley on different songs. It was a night which everyone will remember for days to come. I won’t lie but I danced like crazy all through the night and next day woke up with a bad body ache. The next day we had the haldi (turmeric) function. During this time the family people apply haldi (turmeric powder which is made into a paste by mixing it with water). It said that once it’s applied, a person becomes pure and his/her face starts to shine and glow. That same day we had the mehndi function (henna tattoo). All the groom and brides friends came over to apply the mehndi so did I, on both my hands. I just loved the design.
The next two days were followed by the wedding rituals where the couple tied the knot and swore to be by each others side forever. I blessed my brother and his wife from the bottom of my heart. For me lucky are those who get a chance to marry the person whom they love because true love is very hard to find. There are people who spend their life in search of such love and there are others those who make this dream into a reality. I laughed and enjoyed a lot during the wedding yet felt there was something missing inside me. This was the first big celebration in my family so saw to it that I’m a part of every small thing. My mothers happiness had no limits. She’s a
happy mother and wouldn’t she be. It was his son’s wedding.
I feel everyone should get a chance to marry the person whom they truly loved or love. That’s the biggest achievement in life, atleast for me. I would just wish my brother and his wife congratulations once again and may God Bless them. They make an awesome couple. All the best for a new start!